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The Global Gamification Platform Market Size Will Reach US$ 9.1 Billion By 2027, From US$ 30.7 Billion In 2022

Published on: May 2022

What is the future of the Gamification platform market?

Over the projected period, the global gamification industry is expected to grow at a stable rate. Gamification is defined as the use of 'game mechanics' and 'game thinking' in non-game contexts to engage users in problem solving. Physical activity, user engagement, timeliness, and learning have all been examined and employed in this way.

How does it work?

The primary goal of gamification is to appeal to the inclination in humans that motivates performance with unique, rewarding, competitive entertaining ideas that mimic the experience of playing a game. It uses the notions of badges, points, avatars, levels, ranks, and so on to offer a setting that is comparable to a game, in which an event chain leads from one reward to the next, all of which are available on some e-commerce website or on the internet. At its core, gamification is a marketing approach that, when used to engage customers in a specific brand, is referred to as customer gamification, and when used to engage staff in organisational strategies, is referred to as employee gamification. Consumer gamification boosts recommendations and purchases, whereas employee gamification can be used to motivate employees to follow corporate strategies, disciplinary plans, and assignments, resulting in lower attrition and higher productivity.

Gamification platform at its versatile best

Gamification marketplaces can exist in isolation, but the platforms on which they are played are the same. Not only is gamification being used in the entertainment industry, but it is also being used in retail, education, healthcare, and the financial services industry. Platforms, service providers, kinds of solutions, mobile SDK, and open source platforms are the divisions that the gamification market may be classified into. Service providers and platforms account for the majority of the market. The number of open source platforms will increase. If the market is separated by industry verticals, BFSI, media and publishing, healthcare, public sector, consumer goods, and retail would be the sectors. The retail industry, which has the biggest gamification market share, is predicted to increase the most, followed by the healthcare and pharmaceutical categories.

The current state of the gamification market means that the main issue for market participants is introducing the concept of gamifying business processes to new organisations or consumers. However, the success rates of companies that have already implemented gamification will overcome this obstacle.

Key players in the market are as follows

  • Badgeville
  • Comarch
  • 500Friends
  • Dopamine
  • Gigya

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