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Key Players Engaged In Hydrogen Aircraft Market

Published on: May 2022

Explore the market strength for the Hydrogen Aircraft industry

In 2021, the worldwide hydrogen aircraft market is expected to be worth US$ 189.14 million. The worldwide aviation industry contributes a considerable amount of carbon emissions, accounting for around 2.5 percent of total global emissions. The aviation industry's increased focus on decarbonizing aircrafts is accelerating the adoption of hydrogen airliners around the world. Traditional fuel transportation methods produce excessive carbon emissions, contributing to increased air pollution.

Rising government measures to reduce carbon emissions from transportation solutions are spurring investments in hydrogen-powered infrastructure, which is likely to propel the hydrogen aircraft market forward throughout the forecast period. Countries in the European Union, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, are developing their own national hydrogen strategies to reduce the aviation industry's carbon footprint. These government measures are projected to encourage the use of hydrogen aircraft around the world and increase demand for environmentally friendly transportation options.

Highlights of the expert study on Hydrogen Aircraft industry

  • In terms of passenger capacity, the market in 2021 was led by the fewer than 100 segment. Due to the large space requirements of hydrogen fuel tanks, less than 100 passenger capacity aircraft have been developed around the world, resulting in its domination.
  • The short haul dominated the market in 2021, according to the range. This is due to the large number of short-haul aircrafts that can efficiently and safely traverse a limited distance due to space constraints.
  • The entirely hydrogen-powered aeroplane is projected to have the highest CAGR based on technology. The increased government and corporate investments in the construction of hydrogen fuel infrastructure and efficient hydrogen aircrafts are predicted to drive this segment's growth.

Regional Analysis

In 2021, the global hydrogen aircraft market was dominated by North America. The huge demand for sophisticated and sustainable transportation solutions among the public is responsible for this increase. The presence of major multinational corporations in North America, as well as their subsidiary companies around the world, leads to a significant increase in international and domestic travel. As a result of the increased frequency of airline journeys, the amount of air pollution produced has increased. The adoption of hydrogen aircraft in North America is being fueled by increased government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly commute choices.

What are the possible profitable growth possibilities?

Furthermore, expenditures in the development of hydrogen and electric-powered infrastructure are expanding, which is boosting the market for hydrogen aircraft in North America. Rising investments in long-range hydrogen aircraft research & development, as well as ongoing advances in seating ergonomics to increase the number of passengers in a single aircraft, are expected to provide profitable growth possibilities for market players in the near future.

Asia Pacific - The Dominant Market

During the forecast period, the Asia-Pacific hydrogen aircraft market is predicted to grow at the fastest rate. Due to the globalisation of businesses, the presence of numerous subsidiary companies and several MNCs in the region is resulting in an increase in the number of international and domestic travels across borders. Because of its large population, Asia Pacific is a significant market that effectively attracts large investments from international firms.