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Blow Moulding Machines - Key Factors Disrupting The Billion Dollar Market

Published on: May 2022

Market Research on Blow Moulding Machines, 2030

From 2021 to 2030, the global blow moulding machine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8 percent, from $4,654.5 million in 2020 to $6,878.6 million in 2030. Blow moulding machines are used to create hollow plastic objects such as plastic bottles, tubes, and other items. The moulding process begins with the introduction of pressurised air through the parison, followed by the melting of the plastic. Water bottles, soft drink bottles, wide mouth jars, plastic cans, and other containers are among the most common products made with a blow moulding machine.

An overview on the market growth of blow moulding machines

The packaging sector has seen recent expansion as a result of a surge in industries that produce packaged goods, including the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturers of bottles, tubes, and other packaging components will need more blow moulding machines as a result of this. As a result, the blow moulding machine market is expected to increase. Furthermore, the availability of a variety of blow moulding machines in varied capacities allows it to be used in the manufacturing of both tiny and large plastic items. As a result, blow moulding machines are widely utilised to produce items with capacities ranging from a few millilitres to thousands of litres. The use of sophisticated technologies allows the blow moulding process to be more energy efficient while also reducing raw material waste. Furthermore, the integration of cutting-edge computer-based technology and software allows for effective automation that lowers labour costs while increasing productivity.

What are the major players in the market betting on?

The industry's major players are concentrating on the introduction of high-performance blow moulding machines and the development of new blow moulding machine technologies. For example, Meccanoplastica, a major blow moulding machine manufacturer, introduced the MiPet Combi stretch blow moulding solution in June 2021, which combines a blower, filler, and capping machine. Furthermore, due to their compactness, new machines only take about 30% of the available space. Furthermore, businesses all across the world are working to develop technology that will ensure a long-term future. Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd., a prominent manufacturer of machines and moulds for injection stretch blow moulding of PET and other plastics processing machines, for example, introduced its latest "Zero Cooling" technology in April 2019. This technology increases the bottle's quality and robustness, allowing it to be lighter while increasing production tremendously. The aspect of weight reduction assists the company in meeting its environmental objectives.

What are the advantages of Industry Data Analytics?

The market is rapidly changing due to the industry's continual expansion. Technology improvements have provided a number of benefits to today's businesses, resulting in daily economic fluctuations. As a result, in order to properly strategize, a firm must first grasp the patterns of market changes. Businesses with an effective strategy have a head start in planning and a competitive advantage. Market Insights Studies is a dependable source for market reports that will assist you in obtaining the leads that your organisation needs.

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