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Calcium Aluminate Cement Market 2022: Rise In Investment By Key Market Players Is Driving Growth

Published on: May 2022

The significant rise in the Calcium Aluminate Cement market

With the increasing expansion of the building and construction sector around the world, the global calcium aluminate cement (CAC) market is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. An increase in urban population and industrial expansion has created a large demand for long-term residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure. In the foreseeable future, rising infrastructure projects in both developed and emerging economies are likely to increase worldwide CAC consumption.

With respect to the geographical frame of reference, the Calcium Aluminate Cement market:

  • The demand for calcium aluminate cement in the Middle East and Africa is expected to expand tenfold by 2026, based on the geographical environment. The geographical trends are linked to a rapidly expanding construction sector and a desire for high-quality, long-lasting building materials.
  • The region's urban population and industrial development have exploded in recent years. As a result of these trends, there is a greater demand for long-term infrastructure solutions. Over the next several years, the regional government is likely to invest significantly in residential, commercial, and industrial expansion, which will undoubtedly present profitable prospects for area CAC suppliers.
  • CAC is generally utilised in refractory and high-temperature construction. Other uses include high-early strength and quick-setting mixes, as well as moderate acid resistance. They're also used in shrinkage compensating concrete as part of the expansive component.

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