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Coatings For Food Can Makers-- High-performance And Versatile Coatings For Every Format Of Aluminum And Steel Cans, As Well As For Classical And Full Aperture Easy-open-ends, Either For Food Or Pet Food.

Published on: Aug 2022

Cans are typically coated with an organic layer that protects the integrity of the can from effects of the food and prevents chemical reactions between the can’s metal and the food. To fulfill the technical and legal requirements, can coatings should withstand the production and sterilization processes (1, 3), be universally applicable for all food and beverage types (2), prevent chemical migration into food in quantities that endanger human health (4), adhere to the can even after non-intentional deformation (5), resist aggressive food types and protect the metal of the cans (6), and preserve the food and maintain its organoleptic properties over several years (7)

Epoxy-based coatings have the highest market share of more than 90%. However, can manufacturers and food companies have started to replace BPA-based epoxy coatings by alternatives as a consequence of toxicological evidence, public discussions, and recent regulatory decisions. Acrylic and polyester coatings are currently used as first generation alternatives to epoxy coatings and, more recently, polyolefin and non-BPA epoxy coatings were developed. Further inventions include BPA capturing systems and top coatings. Most of these alternative coatings are more expensive than epoxy coatings and may not display the same array of characteristics with respect to their stability and universal applicability yet

Based on Application:

Food Can

Beverage Can

General Line Can

Aerosol Can


Delivering protection and efficiency

  1. Internal coatings designed to withstand a wide spectrum of food packs, offering high resistance to stain, sulfur and acid; some being lubricated for easy release of food products
  2. Easy-to-apply liquid and powder side stripe coatings to guard the seam of 3-piece cans
  3. High scratch-resistant and flexible external coatings

Similar products are present in the market from a variety of companies under brands like:

DULUX® by PPG, GLIDDEN® by PPG, FLOOD® by PPG, COMEX® by PPG, BONDEX® by PPG, SICO® by PPG and others.

We have profiled 5+ such companies around the globe like: Valspar (US), Akzo Nobel (Netherlands), ALTANA (Germany), KANSAI PAINT (Japan)

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