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In 2022, The Global Aluminium Bronze Bushes Market Is Projected To Grow At A CAGR Of 6.4%

Published on: May 2022

Aluminium Bronze Bushes - the new age superhero in the world of hardware?

Bronze is a metal alloy produced from a combination of copper, tin, and sometimes other metals (manganese, aluminium, zinc or nickel). Aluminium Bronze Bushes alloys vary in composition based on the metals used. Aluminium Bronze Bushes are typically made up of 88 percent copper and 12 percent tin. Non-metals like arsenic, phosphorus, or silicon can also be used as additives. It has a low friction coefficient, is very ductile, and has higher fatigue endurance when compared to other metals, making it ideal for combining with other metals in a variety of applications.  Musical instruments, architectural infrastructure, machine tools and electrical contacts are among the areas where Aluminium Bronze Bushes are favoured. Because it does not emit sparks when struck against a hard surface, it is an excellent choice for usage around flammable and explosive products.

COVID-19 Impact Assessment on Aluminium Bronze Bushes market

  • The aviation and shipyard fabricating plants were temporarily shut down during the pandemic, resulting in lower utilisation of bronze amalgam fillings in these industries, which has had a negative impact on the aluminium bronze bush market.
  • COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the automotive business, which is a key end user of aluminium bronze bush. As a result, the expansion of the aluminium bronze bush business is expected to be hampered.
  • Due to decreased demand and supply chain interruptions caused by the epidemic, the aluminium bronze bush market is projected to slow.
  • The production of musical instruments was halted during the pandemic, and because aluminium bronze bush is used in a variety of instruments, consumption and demand both impacted the market at the same time.

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